Visual Field Testing

The Humphrey Visual Field Analyser – The Gold Standard in Perimetry

The Humphrey Visual Field Analyser is the gold standard of visual field screening used by eye hospitals. In 2017 we purchased the HFA 3 Zeiss Humphrey Visual Field Screener offering our patients the benefits of the latest state of the art technology.

A visual field test measures how much ‘side’ vision you have.  Using the computerised visual field analyser we are able to map the peripheral vision of the eye which is important for evaluating the retina, optic nerve and visual pathways within the brain.

The test is used to detect blind spots and other visual field defects which could be an indication of eye diseases such as glaucoma or conditions that affect the optic nerve. This important clinical screening may also highlight conditions such as brain abnormalities caused by strokes or tumour.

Regular Field Tests

The visual field test determines where your peripheral vision starts and ends and how well you can see objects in your peripheral vision.  The optometrist can capture, track and measure your results and review information from all the analyses taken. This is important even if you have a perfect visual field as it can be used as a baseline measurement for future monitoring.

Test results and images on printout showing comparisons from field tests and eye examinations.

Ophthalmologist Requests

We are regularly requested by local ophthalmologists to carry out detailed SITA-24 field tests for their patients. This particular field test looks at the field of vision in far greater detail than a standard field test therefore giving more precise measurements and results for them to analyse.