Sustainable Eyewear

Our research

There are a fair few eco-friendly spectacle frames currently available on the British market.  Whilst doing our research on which eco brand/s to sell at the practice we wanted to ensure that:

1. The frames firstly met our sustainability criteria.
2. Ideally the company was accredited.
3. There was a large selection of fashionable styles.
4. The frames were of high quality.
5. The frames could be heated for fitting – it’s no good having a lovely frame that can’t be adjusted to fit the client.

We looked at many brands and discarded those whose hinges would have caused problems, wooden and bamboo frames because they can’t be adjusted to fit the client’s face, frames that would melt during the heating process for fitting and ranges that only had minimal styles in a limited colour range for lack of choice.  We researched some of the materials used in the frame making and the processes behind them.

Having narrowed down our selection of frames, we then arranged to see the various Collections at the practice to handle the frames ourselves.  Our absolute winner that met our criteria was the Sea2see range.  This is a company that has gone from strength to strength in producing high quality sustainable eyewear but also recognised for its good business practice, accountability and social and environmental proactivity.

Sea2see Sustainable Eyewear
Beautiful frames made with 100% recycled marine plastic

Sea2see designs and produces optical frames in Italy made exclusively from 100% recycled marine plastic waste.  A desirable selection of stunning frames the Collection comes in a range of colours and flattering styles.

On average Sea2see collects half a ton of plastic waste per day that is recycled to produce their optical frames.  This waste is collected by fishermen through an established program of waste collection in Spain, France and West Africa impacting positively on the coastal environment and directly on coastal communities by providing them with a new source of income.

The marine plastic waste is transformed into a reusable raw material using Cradle to Cradle Certified® UPSEA recycled plastic and used to create high-quality Italian-made frames.  Cradle to Cradle Certified® is the global standard for products that are safe, circular and responsibly made to ensure the impact of the product on people and the planet is a positive one.

B Corporation Certification
Eyewear that makes you look good with great credentials

Five years after creating its first sustainable eyewear Sea2see has earned the prestigious B Corp Certification.  B Corp Certification is awarded to companies that meet strict standards of social and environmental performance. The rigorous process requires that a company answers more than 300 detailed questions on governance, workers, communities and impact on the environment – and is highly valued as a recognition of good business practice, accountability and social and environmental proactivity.

The latest Sea2see range is available at our practice

You won’t want to miss this superb Collection.  Driven by design, quality and concern for the environment, the Sea2see Collection is the perfect choice for those who want to make a difference to protect the world in which we live.