Sports Eyewear

Protecting your eyes from UV rays

For anyone who takes part in outside sports activities, it is essential to wear good quality, UV protective sunglasses.

We have a great range of Adidas eyewear designed particularly for specialist sports use, so whether you are looking for a pair of sunglasses for golf, tennis, cycling, skiing or sailing, do come and have a browse at our collection. We particularly recommend choosing sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses as they are very light and impact resistant providing a very high degree of eye protection.

Prescription sports eyewear

If you require prescription sports sunglasses, then either we can position prescription lenses into an optical insert that clips in place behind your sports sunglass lens or we can provide Adidas frames with the prescription incorporated in the lens.

Prescription swimming goggles

We have a range of modular prescription swimming goggles in stock catering for prescriptions from -8 to +8. The lenses do not need to be of the same prescription as we are able to customise the powers to meet your individual eyesight requirements.

We always carry a stock of spares so if you do require a new strap or a new lens, then please ask otherwise we will be happy to order in the spare part for you.