Spectacle Recycling

Help us to help others

Do you have an old pair of glasses tucked away in a drawer somewhere not being used?  Instead of throwing your unwanted glasses away, why not donate them at our practice?  The simple donation of unused glasses or sunglasses can make a huge difference to someone living in less fortunate circumstances in Africa.

Since the 1980s we have collected thousands of donated glasses to send off to Vision Aid Overseas who recycle the spectacles for their metal content to fund building Vision Centres in some of Africa’s most isolated communities.  At these Centres patients can receive a free eye test by locally trained eye care workers and, for those in need, purchase affordable brand new glasses.

Why not ship the spectacles to Africa?

The process of sorting, cleaning and delivering donated glasses abroad is an expensive process.  Volunteers are required to measure the prescription in the lenses before being sent to Africa.  In fact, back in the early 2000s, Ross Turner, our Proprietor Optometrist, used to volunteer at the local prison to train up the inmates to measure the lenses.

The power of the lenses in a pair of recycled glasses is rarely the same as another person’s prescription either so the money earnt by recycling spectacles for their metal content allows Vision Aid Overseas to provide affordable new glasses to the individual’s own specific prescription.

You can drop by our practice anytime during our opening hours to donate your unwanted glasses – but remember to keep a spare pair aside just in case of need!