What is Ortho-K?

Normally when a person cannot see clearly we use glasses or contact lenses to help refocus images properly on the back of the eye, however imagine the freedom from waking up in the morning with natural vision and being able to be glasses or contact lens free all day long.

With Orthokeratology or Ortho-K we refocus images by changing the shape of the front of the eye using specially designed contact lenses that are worn overnight.  These uniquely designed gas permeable contact lenses gently reshape your cornea whilst you sleep so that when you remove them in the morning you can see clearly with your natural vision during the day.

Vision Problems Corrected by Ortho-K

  • Myopia in children and adults
  • Astigmatism

Ortho-K lenses may also be suitable for contact lens wearers who suffer with dry eye as the lenses are made from high oxygen permeable materials and are generally worn less hours than daytime contact lenses.

How long does the effect last?

The effects on the shape of the eye are temporary.  For best results ortho-k lenses should be worn nightly or on alternate nights otherwise the eyes return to their original shape.

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Who is suitable for Ortho-K?

We find that Ortho-K works best for:

  • Those who want natural clear vision all day
  • Maximum prescription of -4.50 and with less than -1.50 astigmatism
  • Sporty or active people
  • Children and teens with progressing myopia
  • People who wish to have an alternative to laser surgery
  • Mild to moderate myopia with or without mild astigmatism

Ortho-K.  Enjoying the benefits of natural vision all day.

What are the advantages of Ortho-K?

24 Hour Vision

Ortho-K lenses correct your vision while you sleep. Simply put them in at bedtime and remove them in the morning for clear, natural vision.

Children and Teens

Myopia in children is more prevalent than ever. The Ortho-K process aims to slow down the rate at which myopia progresses.


No glasses. No contact lenses. An ideal solution if you play sports or for when you go swimming. Perfect for water sports too.


If you suffer from dry eyes you will benefit being contact lens free during the day making your eyes a lot more comfortable.

Easy on the Eyes

Perfect for those contact lens wearers who work in dusty environments or who suffer from hay fever.

Alternative to Surgery

Ortho-K may be a good alternative if you are not suitable for laser surgery or too young for laser surgery

It all starts here.  Book a consultation today to discuss further.

Ortho-K Care Programme

At the Initial Assessment we carry out an eye examination and measure the curvature of your corneas with a corneal topographer to give detailed 3D images of your eyes.  The measurements are used in designing your bespoke contact lenses which are then ordered with our manufacturers.  We also take axial length measurements of the eye (how long the eye is front to back) for children which is key to any myopia management plan.

The full Ortho-K Care Programme may require several visits over a 6 month period. Initially we check your vision improvements and the lenses effectiveness after the first 1-3 days. Repeat checks are made over the next 6 months as required.

In the majority of cases, patients will see an improvement in their vision after the first few nights but it can take up to several weeks before the optimum vision has been reached and stabilised.  After the 6 monthly check up you will require an annual eye exam.