Spectacle lenses for Myopia

Whether a child is slightly myopic or highly myopic, the Rodenstock MyCon spectacle lenses are designed to help slow down the rate of myopia progression in children. If myopia is not slowed down in time during childhood, the risk of serious eye diseases increases in adulthood therefore controlling myopia as early as possible can make a big difference.

In place of standard vision lenses, Rodenstock MyCon lenses are designed with horizontal progression control areas. Light in the periphery is refracted to hit in front of the retina rather than behind it, slowing eye elongation, a crucial aspect of maintaining children’s vision.  An independent clinical study examining myopia progression in children* over a period of 5 years has shown that myopia control lenses based on the same principles as Rodenstock MyCon can potentially reduce myopia progression by up to 40%.

Results vary for each individual child, but most experts maintain that myopia management is the best available option for children with myopia. There is a small possibility however that the myopia will continue to progress at the same rate as it would have done without wearing myopia control spectacles.

If you would like to enquire further about MyCon lenses or any other brand of myopia control spectacle lenses that we supply, please call us to book an appointment with our Dispensing Opticians who will be happy to assist.

*Study conducted among a group of European children aged 7-14 years. Source: Tarutta EP, Proskurina OV, Tarasova NA, Milash SV, Markosyan GA. Long-term results of perifocal defocus spectacle lens correction in children with progressive myopia. Vestn Oftalmol. 2019;135(5):46-53