MiSight ®1 Day

Helping to slow down myopia

We introduced MiSight ®1 day into our myopia management clinic in 2017 when the lens was launched in the UK.  MiSight ®1 day contact lenses were the first daily disposable contact lens to be licensed for vision correction and myopia management and are designed to be worn for ten hours a day every day.

MiSight 1 day contact lenses were designed for children with two key benefits:

  • To correct short-sightedness so children enjoy clear, spectacle-free vision.
  • MiSight® 1 day has a special optical design which may help to slow down the speed at which myopia progresses.

The younger a child starts a myopia control programme the better the chance of success.  The best time for effective treatment is when myopia is low, as the change is usually most rapid in the first year or two.

Over a 3-year period, there was a 59% reduction in myopia progression on average with children wearing MiSight® 1 day.1† Over a 6-year period, children wearing MiSight® 1 day progressed less than 1.00D on average.2‡

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1Chamberlain P, et al. A 3-year randomized clinical trial of MiSight® lenses for myopia control. Optom Vis Sci. 2019; 96(8):556-567.
2Chamberlain P, Arumugam B, Jones D et al. Myopia Progression in Children wearing Dual-Focus Contact Lenses: 6-year findings. Optom Vis Sci 2020;97(E-abstract): 200038.