Why compromise on the clarity of vision in your new glasses?

One of the joys of being an independent practice is that we are not tied to a limited choice of manufacturers and lens ranges. We strongly believe in providing our customers with as much choice as possible and can source quality lenses to your individual prescription.

Clarity of vision

With the continual advancement in lens designs and materials, it makes sense to offer the largest, most comfortable reading area available to you or the best distance area for driving to suit your requirements and not to compromise on visual comfort. We are able to choose from over 20 types of progressive lenses whereas many of the High Street opticians limit the choice on offer. Within those 20 progressive lenses we can choose short corridor or long corridor parameters therefore uniquely designing the lens to your individual eyesight needs.

Lens features

Our Dispensing Opticians have a thorough knowledge of the different lenses available on the market and are experienced at fitting more complex prescriptions. They will explain the key features of the various lenses to help you decide which is most important to you. The benefits of the different lens designs can be demonstrated with impressive graphics on screen so that you can make an informed decision before making your final choice.

Quality assurance and price

Many people are under the impression that all lenses are more or less the same and there is very little difference in quality and performance, however this is not the case. We could offer the cheapest lens possible on the market but we don’t believe that is offering you good value for your money. We won’t compromise on inferior versions as we want your lenses to perform and to last. We carefully select our lens manufacturers to ensure that we only recommend lenses of good quality and durability whether this is for a basic lens or a high definition lens. Many of our lenses also carry additional guarantees.

As price can play an important part in your decision in the choice of your lenses, we will always ensure that you are given alternative solutions to suit your budget.

Lenses and coatings

Whether you are looking for the lightest, thinnest lens for your prescription or one that reacts quickly in sunlight, our knowledgeable Dispensing Opticians will be happy to advise you on the different lenses and coatings available.

We are also able to provide specialist lenses for more specific needs such as for sports, computer use and dyslexia.

As well as being designated as an Essilor Varilux Consultant Optician we have many years’ experience working closely with other manufacturers such as Nikon, Zeiss and Rodenstock.

We create lenses designed just for you

Tailor-making spectacle lenses to individual prescriptions is part of our everyday work.  Precise measurements. Pupil distance. Heights. Axis. All the details necessary for designing a bespoke lens for you to see comfortably.

We will guide you through the various design solutions, offering advice on suitable materials, lens types, coatings and practical features in order to custom design a lens that suits your particular needs.