Investing in Technology

Investing in you

New patients to our practice regularly comment on the sophisticated level of equipment we have within the consulting rooms and many of our regular patients often ask us to show them our latest purchase since their last visit!

Our on-going investment in the latest technology together with our clinical expertise means we are able to achieve a level of eye examination that gives very detailed results to help maintain and manage patients’ optimum vision and ocular health.

It is a standard that reflects our commitment to the care and preservation of vision.

OCT scan showing retinal layers.

OCT 3D Scan

The OCT allows us to view your retina in great depth showing us a much clearer picture of your eye health. This scan illustrates each of the ten different layers that make up the back of the eye that would otherwise be invisible.   Ongoing scans are essential in maintaining and monitoring your healthy eyes as a number of key conditions can be detected at early stages often before they start to affect your vision:

  • Glaucoma
  • Age Related Macular Degeneration
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Macular Holes
  • Vitreous Detachments
  • Disorders of the Optic Nerve

An OCT scan is included in our Enhanced NHS Eye Examinations and Enhanced Private Examinations.

We also carry out more detailed OCT scans for patients at the request of Ophthalmologists.  The fee for these scans is £90.

Some of our Technology

OCT 3D Scan

An advanced eye scan allowing the Optometrist to see both the back of the eye and also a 3D image literary look beneath the surface of the retinal image.

Retinal Photography

High powered lenses of the retinal camera focus on the structures of the back of the eye taking detailed photographs of the optic nerve, macular, retina and its blood vessels.

Visual Field Screener

The Humphrey Visual Field Screener is the Gold Standard for detailed investigation of field loss caused by Chronic Glaucoma or conditions that affect the nerve of the eye.

Corneal Topographer

Measures the position and height of several thousand points across the entire cornea, critical for contact lens fitting and also for identifying and monitoring keratoconus.


Measures the internal pressure of the eye as well as the central corneal thickness which is important in the interpretation of intraocular pressure readings.

Video Slit Lamp

Used to examine the front surface of the eye, contact lenses and for checking corneal abrasions and infections. Photos and videos of your eye can also be viewed real-time.

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OCT Gallery

These are just a few amazing images taken on an OCT. The Optometrist examines the optic nerve and the blood vessels from the images to check whether the retina is healthy. The results are kept on computer for future reference and comparison at your next subsequent visits.