Frames that perform and you can rely on

With over 1000 frames in stock, our frame collection offers something for everyone from designer and fashionable styles to more classic styles. Our large selection of frames will suit all budgets and every frame we display has been carefully selected on quality, price and style so that you can be assured that your pair of glasses will not only perform well but also look good. Moreover, our frame collections are always kept fresh and up-to-date to ensure a good selection of choice.

Choosing the frame to suit

First impressions count. To get the most from your glasses our qualified and experienced staff will assist you in selecting a frame that not only best fits your prescription but also enhances your features.

Our genuine approach means we aim to provide the right solution to meet your exact needs and budget. We take recommending the right glasses for each client very seriously. For this reason, our Dispensing Opticians are not on a sales-based commission so they can freely give you their best, non-biased advice.

And if you just need a little bit of extra help in deciding which frame suits you, we are able to take photographs or video footage of you wearing up to 4 styles of your choice to make it easier.

Frame measurements and fittings

Once you have chosen your glasses, we will then help you to choose a lens to fit into your frame. Accurate measurements and fittings are paramount for good visual comfort and clarity whether you require single lenses or progressive lenses.

As part of our commitment to offering you the latest in technology, we have complemented the skills of our Dispensing Opticians with the acquisition of the Smart Mirror. Together with their dispensing knowledge and skills they are able to take facial and frame measurements with the highest degree of accuracy by using full face images to provide the most accurate eye-lens position within your chosen frame.

Your new pair of glasses will only give you good, visual performance if they are fitted correctly. If they are not aligned properly it can affect your vision. It is, therefore, important that when you order a new pair of glasses that they are not only checked to see whether they are fitting correctly on your face but also that you can comfortably see through them.

The frame you select should have the look, the fit and the performance you can rely on.

Quality assurance

What is more, we check each pair of glasses when it comes back from the manufacturer to ensure that the lens is correctly positioned in the frame, the prescription is correct and there are no imperfections. Any frame or lens that is not up to our standard is returned back to the manufacturer to be corrected.

When you come to pick up your new glasses one of our experienced staff will custom fit your glasses and check your vision. Sometimes the frames need to be slightly adjusted and this will be carried out by a member of staff.

Frame adjustment service and repairs

We offer a frame adjustment service free of charge to our patients who have purchased their complete pair of glasses from us. Over time your frames may need a little readjusting due to the wear and tear on them and all you need do is come back into the practice and we will be very happy to align them back again as well as give them a complimentary polish and clean.

If you require our frame adjustment services and you have purchased your glasses from elsewhere, we will be happy to assist but there will be a small charge.

If at any time your glasses need a little tender care and attention due to breakages or loose screws, please do come in and speak to one of our staff. We carry a large supply of different sized screws and nose pads and will normally be able to carry out a repair on site. Alternatively, we may have to order in new parts to carry out the repair, however we will always give you an estimated cost of any repair work undertaken.

Explore our wide range of frames to suit every style and personality from £39 to £550