Contact Len Fittings and Aftercare

Thinking of wearing contact lenses? Then do come and talk to us to see the possibilities.

More and more people are discovering the benefits of wearing contact lenses and are enjoying the freedom and convenience they offer. We can fit contact lenses for almost all prescriptions so if you are considering wearing contact lenses for the first time or even if it’s been awhile since you last wore contact lenses, do book a contact lens consultation with us and we will talk through the different options open to you.

What does a contact lens assessment involve?

Before we can fit you with contact lenses we will need to see you for a contact lens assessment so that we can discuss your eye health and specific visual needs.

During this appointment you will be given some trial contact lenses to try out for comfort and vision (unless we have to order in special lenses). We will always make sure you know how to handle your trial contact lenses before you leave the practice wearing them, however you are welcome to come into the practice or call us at any time if you have any queries before your next appointment.

Your contact lens assessment involves:-

  • Discussion and recommendations on lens types suitability for the best comfort, vision and eye health
  • A detailed examination of the cornea (the front of the eye) with slit lamp technology to check that your eyes are healthy and suitable for contact lenses
  • Where required, detailed measurements of the cornea taken with a corneal topographer providing a 3-D map of their curvatures to determine the best suited contact lens material and shape
  • Looking at your tear chemistry as the composition of tears change over time
  • Contact lens insertion and removal training
  • Aftercare advice on how to look after your lenses
  • Trial wear of your chosen lens to see whether they are suitable
  • Follow-up visits to monitor your progress
  • Final fitting and advice on contact lens wearing schedule

The contact lens assessment may require several visits to the practice to make any necessary changes or modifications to your lenses before we are satisfied that we have achieved the optimum fit and vision. Once we are happy with how your lenses perform, we will order your new lenses and arrange a final contact lens fitting appointment to check you are happy with the vision and comfort obtained.

Contact Lens Aftercare

Following a successful fitting, you will be asked to return for a contact lens check-up, this is typically either once every six months or annually dependent on the advice you have been given by your Optometrist.

Having good vision and comfortable lenses is important – but so is the long term health of your eye. During your regular check-up we check your eyes to ensure they remain healthy during lens wear and assess your vision and the comfort of your current lens. Eyes change over time and, with continual improvements in lens design and materials, there may be a more suitable product available to you giving you more comfort benefits and allowing more oxygen flow to your eye.

Please come to your aftercare visit wearing your contact lenses and don’t forget to bring your contact lens case and any glasses along with you too.

At the end of your aftercare visit, you will be given a new contact lens specification which is needed for ordering further supplies of contact lenses. We will send you a reminder just before your next contact lens check is due so that an appointment can be made before your specification expires.

It is important you rebook your next appointment when advised as we are unable by law to supply you with contact lenses if your specification is out of date.

Ordering Replacement Lenses

You can easily reorder replacement lenses either by calling us on 020 8642 0563 or by placing your order by email on our Contact Lens Order Form.

Your contact lenses can be collected from the practice although sometimes it is possible for them to be posted to you directly from the manufacturers. Once you have placed your order your lenses will normally arrive within a few days, however some specialist lenses may take longer to come through. We will always call you to let you know when your contact lenses are ready for collection.