Enhanced Services

Offering enhanced, diagnostic eye examinations

At Gordon Turner Optometrists we continually invest in the latest diagnostic equipment to enhance the care and services we offer to our patients.

Our specialist examinations provide detailed clinical information about the structure of the eye and when interpreted in proper perspective with your regular eye examination, can offer an early detection of eye diseases which may help to prevent or reduce the risk of vision loss in the future.  Our enhanced services may be an extension of your routine eye examination or booked as a separate appointment and will incur an additional charge not covered under the NHS or our Private eye examination.

We always ensure patients are given a detailed estimate of the cost of any examination recommended and the clinical reason for our recommendation. Many patients appreciate the expert personal attention and health care benefits they receive from these enhanced services.

All photographs, scans and results are stored on computer for future reference and comparison. In the case of referral to your GP or Ophthalmologist, we can securely send copies of your image results using an encrypted email service.

Enhanced specialist services

We currently provide:

  • Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT)
  • Glaucoma Nerve Fibre Analysis
  • Digital Retinal Photography
  • Corneal Topography
  • Keratoconus Correction
  • Post-Operative Laser Surgery Aftercare

Reports and eye care referrals

After an eye examination, the Optometrist may refer you to your GP for further care. This may be due to general health problems detected during your eye examination, such as high blood pressure or an indication of diabetes. The Optometrist will inform you of the reasons for the referral and will also write to your GP with the results of your eye examination.

If you have an eye condition that needs further treatment or assessment we will refer you to your GP for onward referral to an Ophthalmologist. A detailed report will be prepared by our Optometrist and either sent to the Ophthalmologist directly if you are seeing him privately or to your GP for referral through the NHS.

If your eyes require urgent attention you may be referred directly to the eye hospital – either The Eye Unit at St Helier Hospital or St George’s Eye Department.

Private Health Care Companies

You may already be under the care of an Ophthalmologist and choose the option of being treated privately through your health insurance scheme.

Ophthalmologists often request us to carry out additional tests for patients and to send them a report following the detailed examination. If your health insurance company is paying for these tests we will ask you for the name of the company and your authorisation number for the tests performed. We always advise our clients to contact their insurance company before their examination to ensure the remuneration provided by the insurance company does cover the costs of the test.

If you are not covered by insurance, or only partly covered, then we are happy to discuss the costs involved for the examination your consultant requires.