Contact Lens Recycling

How it works – Easy as 1-2-3

Can you recycle a contact lens?  Thanks to the ACUVUE® Contact Lens Recycle Programme, yes you can!

Our practice is participating in the ACUVUE® Contact Lens Recycle Programme to make it really easy for you to recycle your old contact lenses and packaging free, via our drop-off bin in store.

1. Collect your old contact lenses, blisters and foils*
2. Vis
it us to drop off your used contact lenses, blisters and foils.
3. We will then organise collection and recycling.

It’s a great opportunity to help the environment.  Once collected, the contact lenses, blister packaging and outer foils are made into hard-granulated plastic granules which are incorporated into plastic products such as garden furniture.

No sinks, No toilets

The advice given by scientists is: Please don’t wash your old contact lenses down the sink or toilet as this leads to polluting farmland and the marine environment.

Help us make a brighter future

So, we’d love you to join us in helping to reduce plastic waste by using our drop-off recycling bin. Every single contact lens recycled is one less being flushed away or going to landfill in the UK impacting our environment for the better.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family too!

*Please note that the ACUVUE® Contact Lens Recycle Programme accepts any brand of soft contact lens and blister packs.  The Recycle Programme however is not able to accept the following: Outer card box packaging (these can be recycled with your standard household recycling); Rigid gas permeable contact lenses or any other form of hard contact lenses; Contact lenses solutions bottles; Eye drop bottles or Contact lenses storage cases.