Contact Lens Options

Daily Disposables, Silicone Hydrogel, Multifocal Lenses…

Unlike some High Street opticians we are not restricted by the range of lenses we are able to provide to our patients. Each eye is unique and sometimes one size or brand does not always fit all. We will advise you on whether you are best suited to daily disposables, silicone hydrogel soft lenses, multifocal lenses (bifocal and progressive), toric lenses (astigmatism) or rigid, gas permeable lenses. If we cannot find a suitable branded lens design to suit you, we can supply specialist, tailor-made lenses instead to cater for your prescription.

ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™
The contact lens that knows how to adapt to light

Our vision is impacted by different lighting conditions – which fluctuate throughout the day and with different tasks.

ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™ Light Intelligent Technology™ has been developed to help you better manage the challenging light conditions you face every day in your busy, active lives – both indoors and out.  The contact lenses adjust to challenging light environments, such as when playing sports, working under uncomfortable office lighting, or adjusting our eyes to digital screens or TVs.

Contact Lens Types and Care Schedules

To reduce the risk of eye infections and prevent the build-up of lens deposits, contact lenses should be replaced frequently and the correct cleaning and care schedule followed. This is vital for the continuing comfort and performance of your lens.

A wearing schedule will be prescribed by the Optometrist but the care routine may vary dependent on which type of lenses you are using. Always follow the lens care system given to you by the Optometrist and ask your Optometrist before using any alternative lens care products as the product may not be compatible with your lenses.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses are ideal for both comfort and convenience and do not require cleaning as they are replaced after one day’s wear.

Disposable Fortnightly Contact Lenses are to be cleaned daily and replaced every 14 days.

Disposable Monthly Contact Lenses are to be cleaned daily and replaced every 30 days.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses allow safe continuous wear for up to 30 days.

Multifocal Contact Lenses offer clear vision at all distances and are available in daily, two weekly, monthly and gas permeable versions.

Rigid, Gas Permeable Contact Lenses, a type of hard contact lens used to correct astigmatisms or high prescriptions, are to be cleaned daily and replaced normally every one to two years dependent on your prescribed wearing schedule.

Contact Lenses for Myopia Management are specialist lenses with the aim to slow down the progression of myopia in children.

Specialist Contact Lenses are tailor-made non-disposable or gas permeable lenses including SynergEyes, SOClear, Rose K and Duette.

Contact Lens Solutions

There are many kinds of contact lens solutions on the market for cleaning and sterilising contact lenses. Our Optometrists will advise you which solution you should use in your cleaning regime and give instructions on their proper use. It is important you do not switch contact lens solutions without first consulting your Optometrist to ensure that the new product is compatible with your lenses and for your eyes as some solutions may cause an allergic reaction.

We stock a large range of contact lens solutions including 3 monthly packs at competitive prices. We can also order in more specialised care products that many of the optical chains do not stock. Please just ask and we will do our best to source them for you.

When to remove your lenses

If your eyes feel uncomfortable at any time or you experience any eye redness or blurred vision, please remove your contact lenses straight away and inform us of your symptoms. Our Optometrists will either advise you what to do next or arrange to see you as soon as is required. In the meantime, please do not reinsert the lenses. If the condition stops after lens removal, you should examine the lens for damage or dirt.

In case of emergency

If you require emergency assistance outside our normal working hours, please contact the Eye Department at St George’s Hospital on 020 8672 1255 for advice.