Contact Lenses

Providing Contact Lens Care with a Difference

Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to glasses giving clear and comfortable vision. In fact, vision with contact lenses can be as good as or better than with glasses as they offer natural, all round vision. With improvements in lens designs and materials almost anybody can now wear contact lenses whether for everyday use or just for occasional use.

Our Optometrists have a wealth of experience fitting all types of contact lenses including specialist lenses and we are able to fit many people with contact lenses that previously have been told they were unsuitable. Being an independent practice we have the freedom to fit and supply an extensive range of contact lenses from all types and brands unlike some of the High Street opticians. We even design our own specialist lenses for people requiring lenses for high astigmatism, keratoconus or for those whose prescription falls outside the normal parameters.

As a commitment to providing high levels of clinical care, we ensure that our professional contact lens consultations are provided by our Optometrists so not only will you benefit from their contact lens experience but also from their detailed knowledge of the eye.

Latest Technology and Fitting Techniques

With our investment in the latest contact lens technology and advanced fitting techniques, we provide a comprehensive contact lens service. We recognise the key to successful and healthy contact lens wear lies in the correct fitting. By using digital corneal topography we are able to determine the best fitting contact lens for your eye or design and fit tailor-made contact lenses unique to your eye shape and prescription. In general, most people have regularly-shaped corneas but often there may be distortions on the corneas that can affect vision.

Corneal topography, where required, is included in our contact lens consultations at our practice, something not often found elsewhere.  By taking a 3D map of the curvature of the cornea we can measure the position and height of several thousand points across the entire cornea which is critical for determining the quality of vision. The measurements taken are far more precise than obtained by a manual keratometer that most Optometrists traditionally use.

Experience and Reputation

Our Optometrists keep up-to-date with the latest technology, clinical research and training to ensure that they continually develop their contact lens knowledge and skill.

In recognition of our clinical experience, new products and materials are often made available to our practice to trial out before they are launched onto the British market. We have also been recognised by Johnson & Johnson as one of their Partnership Practice for Contact Lenses enabling us to receive training on all new Acuvue products and giving us access to the very latest products.