Axial Length Measurement

Accurate measurement and reliable follow-up of myopia

A myopic eye is longer than a normally sighted eye due to excessive growth.  As myopia progresses it can affect the quality of your child’s vision and lead to potential eye health risks.

It is becoming more and more important to monitor myopia early on in life.  The greatest changes in myopia occur from age 6 to 16 when the eye can start growing out of focus.

The standard method of measuring myopia is by refraction however the Gold Standard in Myopia Management is to measure the axial length of the eye (how long the eye is front to the back).  Progression in axial length is a reliable indicator of progression in myopia but also shows when the eye has stabilised.

We use cutting-edge equipment to measure axial length in our Specialist Myopia Management Clinics.  Our Optometrists use the Oculus Myopia Master to measure the axial length of the eye, key to any myopia management strategy.  They can measure what has been happening to your child’s myopia between visits and guide interventions going forward with the aim of slowing down the progression of myopia.

As myopia management specialists we can assess your child and guide you through the options available to help slow your child’s myopia.

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