Tomato Glasses

3rd April 2024

Tomato Glasses offer a range of comfortable, colourful, practical frames expertly designed with babies and children in mind.

Tomato glasses are frames that fit to a child’s face rather than the child fitting to them and the idea was born by a father on a mission to find a frame for his son that was comfortable and didn’t slide down his nose – and fun to wear.  He kept thinking about ‘how can I make eye glasses frame that fits better for my son?’ and set about making the perfect frame for his son for the very first time and was successful in doing so.

As a father he says ‘it is heart breaking for parents’ when your child has an eye problem and therefore decided to use his experience to make high quality glasses for children so that they too could wear comfortable glasses and see clearly.

Tomato Glasses are:

  • Flexible so do not break easily
  • Safe
  • Comfortable with a cushion on the tip that matches the curves of the ears
  • Incredibly light: only 6-9g in weight
  • Non-slip with a standard head strap
  • Adjustable temple lengths
  • Adjustable nose pad heights

We have been fitting Tomato Glasses to young babies and children for many years now and to see children smile when they wear their new glasses for the first time because they can see so much more clearly is one of the best moments for us.

If you would like to know more, do come and speak to one of our Dispensing Opticians.

The Gordon Turner Optometrists Team