Hybrid Contact Lenses

1st March 2024

SynergEyes hybrid contact lenses combine a rigid centre and a soft lens skirt, giving people with astigmatism the best of both worlds of ‘soft’ lens wear and ‘hard’ lens wear.  Soft for comfort and hard for crisp, high definition vision.

  • The rigid centre corrects astigmatism and gives crisp, clear vision
  • The soft skirt keeps the lens stable while providing all-day comfort and wearability of a soft lens
  • The soft skirt prevents debris from getting underneath the lens
  • SynergEyes lenses are free from “toric lens rotation” delivering consistently clear vision, day and night.

Our Optometrists are experienced at fitting SynergEyes lenses and are able to advise whether you are a good candidate for hybrid lenses.  If you are interested in learning more and upgrading your vision with SynergEyes contact lenses, do mention this to the Optometrist during your eye examination.

The Gordon Turner Optometrists Team