Suffering from headaches?

14th February 2024

Are you experiencing headaches and not sure about the cause?  If the discomfort is caused by eyestrain, uncorrected or undetected vision problems could be the cause.

A typical eyestrain headache occurs after you focus on something for long periods of time such as prolonged use of digital screens, focusing on a single activity such as reading a book and driving.

Uncorrected vision can cause eye strain as the muscles in the eyes need to work harder than usual to form a clear image resulting in tired eyes and headaches and often discomfort behind the eyes. Other signs and symptoms include watery or dry eyes and blurred vision. Our Optometrists may be able to identify the trigger of your eye strain so it is always worth booking an eye examination. Our Optometrists can examine your eye muscles, assess for underlying eye or health problems and confirm whether your prescription has changed.  Using reading or computer glasses in an up-do-date prescription may reduce the occurrence of your eye strain headaches.

If you are experiencing headaches, we recommend you seek your Optometrist’s advice as to what potentially may be causing your discomfort.  Please note that there are many causes for headaches and you should see your doctor about your headaches if they are severe, persistent or worsen.

The Gordon Turner Optometrists Team