Keeping your glasses in tip-top condition

1st November 2023

Looking after your glasses

Imagine.  You have just collected your new pair of glasses after much careful consideration of style, frame shape and lens design. Your new glasses have been tailor-made to your individual prescription and they have been fitted expertly for comfortable fit and vision.

So as you now leave the opticians with your new glasses, how do you ensure you keep them in prime condition allowing you to enjoy wearing them for the long term? Is there a right way or a wrong way when it comes to looking after your glasses?

Below are our tips for how to take good care of your spectacles:

1)      Keep your spectacles in a case when not on your face.  Hard cases provide more protection than a soft cloth case.  Never leave lenses face down on a surface or in contact with sharp or abrasive objects.

2)      Careful handling. Take your glasses off with two hands from each arm of the glasses. Your glasses are more likely to get out of shape or the lenses smudged if you take them off with one hand.

3)      Don’t be tempted to sit your glasses on top of your head as the frame can become misshapen which can cause your glasses to slip on your face or even to weaken the frame making it more likely to break.

4)      Cleaning your glasses daily is the best way to keep them looking great and in good condition.  First inspect the lenses for dust or debris.  Blow any particles off before wiping the lenses to avoid scratching.  Ideally clean with a microfibre cloth and a lens cleaning spray.  Don’t use tissues or paper towels as these may scratch the lenses.  Don’t use household cleaners or glass sprays on your lenses as these can damage any coatings.

5)      Regularly clean your microfibre cloth to wash away the built-up grease and then re-use again.  If you drop your microfibre cloth, don’t use in case it has picked up any small particles that could scratch the lenses.  Use another clean microfibre cloth instead and put the other one in the wash.

6)      Come back for regular adjustments and fittings if you feel your glasses are sitting incorrectly.

Following the above tips will help you to keep your glasses in good condition which means more enjoyable wearing for you. Don’t forget we offer anti-scratch guarantees on some lenses at a nominal cost which covers one replacement within the guarantee period subject to the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.


The Gordon Turner Optometrists Team