Back to School

4th September 2023

Back to school writing on board

Regular eye tests are important for children and teenagers to monitor their sight levels and eye health.  Looking after your children’s vision should become as routine as visiting the dentist.

Sometimes in the rush to organise school uniform and shoes for the start of term, our children’s eyes get forgotten.  It is not always easy to tell if a child’s eyesight is below standard therefore a sight test is essential to give them the best start to ensure they maximise their learning ability at school and their enjoyment in participation in sports and recreational activities.

A crucial challenge for many teenagers in the school academic year involves learning to drive.  It is essential to ensure they have good overall vision before taking that all important driving test.

Every child under the age of 18 and in full time education in the UK is entitled to a sight test paid for by the NHS.  Why not call us to book their next eye exam and make sure your child is reaching their visual potential at the beginning of their school term?  We would love to ensure that your child’s sight is beautifully healthy.

To book an eye examination, please call us on 020 8642 0563.

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.

The Gordon Turner Optometrists Team