Competitive Edge

1st November 2022

Most of us have one dominant eye which is the one your brain prefers when it processes visual information. Knowing which eye is your dominant eye can help you perform better.

Using your dominant eye for target sports such as archery allows you to achieve better head and eye positioning as the dominant eye processes visual input more accurately than the non-dominant eye.

Did you know using your dominant eye can also help you take better photographs when looking through the camera’s viewfinder? Using your non-dominant eye will cause certain details to be slightly displaced whereas with your dominant eye you will notice details more clearly giving you a more accurate preview of the shot.

Dominant Eye Test

If you are not sure which of your eyes is dominant, here is a very simple test to find out.

  1. Create a triangle with your thumbs and forefingers.
  2. Now frame a distant object such as a clock on the wall within this triangle keeping both your eyes open.
  3. Then close your left eye. If the object stays centred your right eye is your dominant eye. If the object moves out of centre your left eye is your dominant eye.

Why not have a go and see the results for yourself?

The Gordon Turner Optometrist Team