Gardening and Eye Safety

1st September 2022

As autumn draws near those little jobs of tidying up the garden, pruning and mowing the lawn become more pressing.  To avoid eye injuries while working in the garden we have listed some tips on how to protect your eyes.

  • When pruning, beware of scratching your eye on twigs, sharp edged leaves or thorny bushes as you bend down or reach.
  • Watch out for tops of garden canes.  Maybe invest in some cane toppers.
  • Wear safety glasses or goggles when strimming or mowing the lawn.  Grit or small stones can cause serious eye injuries if they get in your eye.
  • Wearing glasses or sunglasses whilst gardening can give a certain amount of protection from small grit although proper safety glasses are best.

If you do scratch your eye or get a foreign body in it, get it looked at as soon as possible as some materials can cause serious irritation to the eyes leading to infection.  Optometrists can examine the eye under the slit lamp to see if the scratch requires treating or whether you need to go to A&E.

The Gordon Turner Optometrists Team