National Eye Health Week

1st September 2020

Your vision matters.  The National Eye Health Week encourages people of all ages to take better care of their eyes and have regular eye examinations which are essential for maintaining healthy eyes.

An eye examination can detect early signs of conditions such as glaucoma which can be treated if found soon enough and health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure – equally it can show whether everything is healthy too.   Or it maybe you have noticed your vision has changed.  Our Optometrists can advise whether glasses or contact lenses will improve your quality of vision for your everyday activities whether it be for home, work or even on the golf course!

Did you know?

As well as booking in regular eye examinations, did you know that there are many things you can do to look after your eyes to help them keep healthy?

Eat healthy foods, exercise, cut down on alcohol consumption, don’t smoke and wear eye protection in bright sunlight.  All have a part in protecting your visual health for now and the future.

If you would like to book an Enhanced Eye Examination for yourself or your family, please call us at the practice on 020 8642 0563.

We hope to welcome you to the practice soon.

The Gordon Turner Optometrists Team