Eyewear fogging up?

1st August 2020

Fogged up eyewear. Misting up of lenses.  Does this sound familiar when wearing a face mask or covering?

Below are some of the techniques we use in the practice to minimise the fogging of our spectacle lenses:-

  • Take off your glasses before fitting your face covering.
  • Ensure your face covering is well fitted.
    Face coverings with a nose wire and adjustable ear loops should enable a better fitting. Shape the nose wire following the contours of your nose and cheeks before securing the loops.  Folding a tissue until it forms a strip and placing along the inside top edge of the mask/covering secured by micro-pore tape can absorb some of the moisture.  If your mask has no wire, insert a pipe cleaner into the top edge of the covering and secure with micro-pore tape.
  • Adjust the loops for a snug fit.
    Twisting the loops before putting them around your ears can be quite effective if your face covering does not have adjustable ear loops.
  • Rest your glasses over the top of the covering.
    Resting your glasses on the face covering minimises the amount of warm breath rising up to your lenses. Do bear in mind that varifocals particularly must sit exactly right to ensure optimum performance so make sure that you are positioning the face covering high enough on your face rather than adjusting your spectacles down over the covering.

Lenses will fog up more if they are cold so another tip is to wear your glasses for a few minutes before putting on your face covering or alternatively keep your glasses in your pocket (protected in their case of course) for a few minutes.

Alternatively, contact lenses don’t fog up so if you are a contact lens wearer you may find it beneficial to wear your lenses when wearing a face covering.

Hopefully, some of the above tips may help in reducing your glasses from fogging and mean more comfortable wearing of your glasses.

The Gordon Turner Optometrists Team