A wonderful discovery

29th July 2019

Spectacle Cases

We were delighted to come across this unique presentation case in our archives.   Years ago it was the perfect solution for showcasing the latest styles, materials and colours in spectacle cases to the optical trade before glossy, coloured brochures were the norm or indeed digital versions today.

It’s a little bit like ‘pick and mix’.  These cases could be manufactured to exact specifications and requirements. An extensive selection of sample colours (42), designs (14), sizes (6) and materials including leather with the added option of branding the case with the optician’s name in gold lettering.

We did a little digging to find out more about Wilmotts spectacle case makers who produced this wonderful presentation box and found some interesting facts.

  • James Willmott founded the company in the 1880’s in Birmingham and manufactured quality spectacle cases built to last.
  • In 1948 when the NHS was introduced, spectacles cases were initially free of charge. Wilmotts who were world famous for their quality NHS spectacle cases were producing around 1,000 cases a week but still could not meet demand.
  • Frank Willmott, one of James Willmott’s sons, invented the spring-lidded spectacle case.

Sadly, we are not able to customise our spectacle cases in quite the same way today. Instead, we offer an extensive range of high quality cases to suit all styles and budgets from leather cases to fun cases for kids – and adults!  We recently have added a lovely new selection that are perfect for giving as presents to friends or family or for treating yourself.


The Gordon Turner Optometrists Team