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Dyslexia and Eyes

Visual Assessment for Children and Adults with Dyslexia

We no longer run a specialist clinic for the optometric assessment of people with a specific learning difficulty.  Previously, if our findings suggested that a person may benefit from colour tints, we would issue them with a coloured overlay to try.  If this was beneficial we would then advise undertaking an Intuitive Colorimeter test to determine the precise tint for glasses at the Institute of Optometry at Elephant and Castle.

The Institute of Optometry require a full eye examination and assessment at the Institute’s clinic before the Intuitive Colorimeter test can be carried out.  We, therefore, ask you to refer to The Institute of Optometry if you wish to have an optometric assessment where they will be able to advise you of their full services. 

For further information, please contact The Institute of Optometry on 020 7234 9641.